Case study / The story of mBank

A clear and functional

For the bank’s employees who are required to undergo anti-money laundering training, we prepared a modern course in the form of a website.


Outdated technology
mBank had an AML training course prepared by us several years earlier, still in Flash technology. They asked us to update some of the information, but we proposed taking one more step ahead.

mBank has operated in Poland since 1989 and employs 7 000 people.

  • 7000

  • 4

    largest bank in Poland
  • 22

    training lessons


The bank’s employees, who are required to undergo AML training once a year, got a functional and clear course in the form of a website that simply makes their lives easier. They can navigate it freely, searching for relevant content. They can browse it from anywhere on any device. They don’t have to spend hours in front of the screen, clicking through slides overloaded with content. And all of that was done in the spirit of the now popular microlearning: small pieces of information, easy navigation, and quick access (also on a smartphone).

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