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Examples of dedicated training types


For our clients (especially banks, insurance companies, shops, manufacturers), we prepare many training courses concerning their products. The training courses are designed for employees who offer specific products to customers and for whom it is crucial not only to know the exact characteristics of each product, but also how to sell it.

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Usually based on specific scenes, decision-making paths, and a large number of examples. They give the opportunity to practice specific behaviours. They cover issues related to the everyday functioning of employees at the company: giving feedback, conflict management, reacting in difficult situations with customers, etc.

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Implementing new software can be a difficult challenge for companies and often requires appropriate training. We create e-learning software training courses using a tool that records individual movements in a given app. Thanks to this, participants have the opportunity to practice operations they will later perform at work – but here they receive guidance.

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Every company has a number of internal procedures related to data security, compliance, ethics, conduct in specific situations caused by the specific nature of a given industry, etc. We have experience in designing solutions that not only present these procedures, but also demonstrate how they function in practice, show their value and importance.

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Our values

Why MyNetwork?

  • 19 years of experience

    During this time, we have cooperated with the largest organizations in the Poland.
  • Flexibility

    We approach each project individually.
  • 24 experts

    Our team consists of the best specialists in teaching, graphic design, and programming.
  • Technology and quality

    We offer products that use the latest technology and we ensure that they are top quality.
  • 130 corporate clients

    We developed solutions and successfully implemented them at banks and international corporations, among others.
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