dedicated training / training strategy

Training strategy

A variety of training solutions covering issues that are of particular importance to the organization.

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What can make up a  training strategy?


Prepared after a thorough analysis of needs, tailored to the specific nature of the industry, pursuing a clearly defined objective.

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Animations, tutorials, videos, articles, podcasts. Additional materials delivered to employees at various time intervals, easily accessible, which broaden and reinforce knowledge.

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A strategy may start with a pre-test to place employees at different levels. An important element of a strategy are exercises and knowledge tests as well as surveys that help to supplement the strategy with new elements.

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Our values

Why MyNetwork?

  • 19 years of experience

    During this time, we have cooperated with the largest organizations in the country.
  • Flexibility

    We approach each project individually.
  • 24 experts

    Our team consists of the best specialists in teaching, graphic design, and programming.
  • Technology and quality

    We offer products that use the latest technology and we ensure that they are top quality.
  • 130 corporate clients

    We developed solutions and successfully implemented them at banks and international corporations, among others.
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Ideal for organizations that opt for a  learning culture.