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Training strategy

Planning training requires careful analysis. Invite us to be a part of the process: we will support you in researching the needs of your target group and defining realistic training goals. Together we’ll determine the range of materials and activities needed, and choose the right format.

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We use various training methods in our strategy:


Its purpose is online self-study: it contains data, exercises, interactions, and tasks for the trainee; often, there is a test at the end of the course; the trainee’s score is reported on the platform. It can also be organized in browser form, with a web interface.

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Metody szkoleniowe, grywalizacja

Training game

Interactive online game with or without an avatar. The trainee moves through the game with the navigation map, they solve puzzles, collect points, and win awards. It is often based on a storyline.

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szkolenia dedykowane, mikrolearning


A video with background music or a voice-over, with moving pictures, characters, and texts.


Recorded presentation by an expert, or scenes featuring actors.


A video showing how to preform a given activity step by step.


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Short forms

Key information presented through iconography and text.


Graphically attractive material including situational scenes.


A collection of rules and regulations that specify how to handle a certain situation.


Additional means of communication within a company when promoting trainings, collecting feedback, etc.

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Our values

Why MyNetwork?

  • 19 years of experience

    During this time, we have cooperated with the largest organizations in the country.
  • Flexibility

    We approach each project individually.
  • 24 experts

    Our team consists of the best specialists in teaching, graphic design, and programming.
  • Technology and quality

    We offer products that use the latest technology and we ensure that they are top quality.
  • 130 corporate clients

    We developed solutions and successfully implemented them at banks and international corporations, among others.
Spotkanie biznesowe, team work, praca zespołowa, sala konferencyjna

Ideal for organizations that opt for a  learning culture.