dedicated training / Flash to HTML5 conversion

Flash to HTML5 conversion

Flash training courses stopped working in early 2021. We are safely moving them to HTML5.

Our clients:

ADVANTAGES Switch from Flash to HTML5

Give your Flash training courses a  new life.

If you have Flash training courses and want your employees to be able to continue using them: contact us!

Our values

Why MyNetwork?

  • 19 years of experience

    During this time, we have cooperated with the largest organizations in the country.
  • Flexibility

    We approach each project individually.
  • 24 experts

    Our team consists of the best specialists in teaching, graphic design, and programming.
  • Technology and quality

    We offer products that use the latest technology and we ensure that they are top quality.
  • 130 corporate clients

    We developed solutions and successfully implemented them at banks and international corporations, among others.
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