Prevention of bullying and discrimination in the workplace

Knowledge about the mechanisms of bullying is key to building a culture in a modern organization. Invest in an e-learning course offered by MyNetwork.


A training course developed in cooperation with Dr. Elżbieta Chwalibóg – an HR expert and anti-bullying spokesperson with many years of experience in delivering training seminars.

You won’t find any incomprehensible definitions here or information that isn’t supported by examples. Our course offers only practical knowledge: case studies, interesting facts, examples, and difficult cases.

Would you like to add stories from your own experience or raise additional points? No problem! We’ll adjust the course to your needs!

The training course is responsive, intuitive, and concise – it takes only 30 minutes to complete!

The scope of the e-learning course


Monica’s story



Action on the part of the organization

What is bullying?

Types of bullying

The course of bullying

Basic information

Where does bullying come from?

A portrait of a bully

Behavioral patterns

Problems within the organization

Socio-economic conditions

A victim of bullying

Are you at risk?

The effects of bullying

What is discrimination?

Forms of discrimination

Bullying and discrimination


The final test consisting of 10 questions. To complete the course, you need to answer 8 questions correctly

Summary and final test

Did you know that bullying starts out innocently? A normal joke, a little remark, an unresolved conflict...

If you don’t stop it, it quickly accelerates and snowballs. Then no one remembers where it started, but the end is always the same: the employee becomes isolated, driving them to their mental breaking point.

Find out how to recognize bullying in your company and how to prevent it!


The biggest bullying trial

In December 2019, the CEO of France Télécom and his two direct subordinates were convicted of psychological harassment since 2006. That coincided exactly with the implementation of the company’s restructuring plan, which aimed to reduce its workforce by 22,000 people in 3 years. French law did not allow for such large-scale dismissals, which is why the board of directors decided to coerce the employees into quitting their jobs themselves. They used all means possible.

Only 5% of court cases end in a victory for the victim!

58% of cases involve supervisors bullying their employees by abusing their positions.

Only 1% of the bullying cases that were studied concerned situations where the bully was a subordinate.

Every 1% of people subjected to bullying represents a loss to the economy of PLN 4.58 billion annually.

The atmosphere of fear that was created and this management by terror resulted in a wave of suicides among former employees between 2007 and 2010, with more than 30 people taking their own lives. Remember that bullying occurs where there is a tolerance for it and where employers and managers do not act on inappropriate behavior.

Don’t wait for tragedy to strike
– raise awareness among your employees today.


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