Responsive AML training for mBank

mBank has been operating in Poland since 1989 and it is the fourth largest bank in terms of assets in Poland. It is a universal bank that serves both individual clients as well as companies and employs almost 7,000 employees.


of the largest banks in Poland




training courses

The challenge

A few years ago, we prepared an anti-money laundering training in Flash technology for mBank. They asked us to update some information but we suggested going a step further.

The solution

After several years of training, it is worth analyzing it in terms of validity of its content and the effectiveness of the chosen methodology. In this case, the results led us to the conclusion that the course needed to be refreshed not only in the area of content, but also methodology and technology. The new training was implemented in the Rise technology. It allows you to organize your content, shorten the learning process and facilitate searching for information.

The result

Bank employees who are required to undergo the anti-money laundering training once a year receive a functional, transparent online course that simplifies their work. They can navigate it freely, searching for interesting content. They can use it anywhere, from any device. They do not have to spend many hours in front of the screen, trying to get through overloaded slides. Everything is done in the spirit of micro-learning featuring small pieces of information, easy navigation and quick access (also on a smartphone).





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