Try zero waste! Learn how to live in harmony with nature

June 17, 2020 Izabella Juchowska

Zero waste is a lifestyle which assumes maximum limitation of waste generation. We, humans, are responsible for the future of our planet, but the consumption nature developed in us continues to generate tonnes of trash on a daily basis.

In theory, we all know that we need to take care of the natural environment, especially when we are facing the hazards resulting from human interference with the cycle of nature. So how do we, office workers, residents of big and medium cities, introduce the zero waste philosophy into our lives? For starters, we need to want it and be open to small changes in our everyday lives. Then we can observe the results on a global scale.

Kasia Wągrowska – the author of the book titled “Życie zero waste. Żyj bez śmieci i żyj lepiej” (A Zero Waste Life. Live Better Without Trash) and the „Ograniczam Się” (I Limit Myself) blog, the co-author of our Zero Waste training course – also believes that it makes sense.

Find out what you can change in your daily habits to become a zero waster. Learn about the positive impact you can have on the protection of the environment.

Conserve resources

An average Pole consumes approximately 120 litres of water a day. Water is needed to live, but we often take it for granted – we brush our teeth with the water running, set the washing machine or dishwasher for the shortest cycle, wash dishes by hand in running water.

The same goes for electricity – when we work from home, we plug more devices – laptops, monitors. We should always turn them off when we are done working instead of leaving them in standby mode, which consumes tremendous amounts of energy.

Check what you have before you go to the store

The times of #stayathome and the sudden restrictions concerning our travels have made us reach for our household supplies. When we used to go shopping, we wanted to be prepared so we wouldn’t have to go out again. Planned and rational shopping and using our current supplies are also elements of zero waste! We should retain them in the future.

Try DIY cosmetics and household chemicals

Are you running out of cosmetics or household chemicals? You can use coconut oil instead of body lotion. Another good idea is to use natural oils for your body and hair. You can also try your hand at DIY chemistry and prepare your own cleaning agents. It’s really not that big of a deal! The course includes several formulas, including for a window cleaning solution or homemade Cif. This is a simple and ecological solution, but if you feel that you are not up to the task of handling chemical experiments, there are numerous niche Polish manufacturers of ecological cleaning agents – in the current situation, they could use our support.

Believe in zero waste!

In recent months, we have experienced many changes in our daily lives. Now, when we are back to our (relatively) normal routines, we should keep the standards which will be more friendly not only to nature, but to our household budgets as well. We should also consider other zero waste activities – the little things really do make sense.

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