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Bausch Health is a pharmaceutical company that employs over 22,000 people around the world.




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The challenge

Bausch company decided to make a big change in the employee training system and replaced traditional training with online learning. The plan involved the implementation of an e-learning platform and preparation of over twenty product, medical, application and onboarding trainings. This huge undertaking was commissioned to MyNetwork.

The solution

The development of the entire training strategy required a thorough analysis of materials and training goals as well as cooperation with many experts on the client’s side. What resulted from this analysis were several different tools and methodologies designed to develop individual trainings. Most of the product trainings were accomplished using the Rise technology.
We created several responsive courses where participants can easily find information about Bausch Health products. They all had similar layout and framework in order to be as intuitive as possible.
The training on procedures and onboarding was carried out using the Articulate Storyline technology. We focused on micro-learning. Short presentations focused on one topic and were not overloaded with unnecessary information. Some trainings required us to create two versions: the basic and the extended one, some of which ended in obtaining a certificate.


The client received a modern HCM Deck platform, along with a startup database of modern, intuitive courses. This resulted in savings of time and money as well as in creation of a large, handy library of knowledge available to all employees.


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