Poland in a nutshell

AstraZeneca is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, providing modern medicines to tackle the most serious diseases of today.
The company has been operating in Poland for over 20 years and employs 1,600 employees from various countries.


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The challenge

A large number of employees of the Polish branch of the company come from abroad. In order to facilitate their adaptation process, it was decided to prepare a training presenting Poland in a nutshell especially for them. The training was to contain the most useful information about the country and provide them with tools and tips to help them adapt to the new work environment.

The solution

We prepared a short, friendly training in English called “A guide to Poland”. Using the navigation map, the participants were able to move around freely, choosing the topics of interest. Apart from information on Polish history, culture and customs, a large part of the training was devoted to social aspects, working environment, relations between employees, attitude to procedures and business etiquette. The training also briefly discussed the adaptation process in the new country, constituting an element of psychological support in the new life situation.

The training was designed in accordance with the ARCS model. It included transparent graphics, interactions, curiosities and links referring the participants to additional information.

The result

Foreign managers received a clear textbook that greatly facilitated their work in the new environment. In addition to the general background on history, geography, language or climate, they were equipped with many tips on how to manage employees and generally how to function in the Polish work environment.





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