An extensive product training package

Allianz Poland is part of the global Allianz Group – one of the largest financial groups in the world. Allianz companies in Poland provide comprehensive services to over 1.5 million individual and corporate clients and manage assets of up to 15 billion PLN. Insurance and investment products are offered by exclusive agents, multi-agency insurance brokers cooperating with the company as well as car dealers.


million clients


million managed assets


and more training screens

The challenge

The implementation of a simplified product offer for housing and motor vehicle insurance was connected with the necessity of training thousands of agents in the field of new products. It also meant equipping them with materials that would give them access to the key information on the subject and in consequence helped in boosting sales.

The solution

After a detailed analysis of the goals and training materials, we decided to diversify the training elements and prepared a package for our client, consisting of:

    • two interactive e-learning courses enriched with elements of gamification;
    • two knowledge pills implemented in the Rise technology, which included the most important information from the training;
    • summarizing animations that reminded participants of the most important aspects of new products in a short, visually attractive form.

The result

Several thousands of agents were able to go through training, the objective of which was to provide them with knowledge about new products and to facilitate their daily work, all at a convenient time. Additionally, each training participant received transparent, handy materials (knowledge pills, animations) that they could use at any time.

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